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4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Inspired

There are managers out there who truly believe employees just love coming to work. Are they right? Yes and no. According to a 2013 Gallup study, only about 30% of American workers are engaged and inspired with their careers and places of employment. Do they “love” coming to work? Well, the jury is still out on that. The bottom line, however, is that inspired people get more done. All employees want to be inspired and want to grow with great teams and organizations. Here are a few ways to keep your staff motivated and on the road to success.

1. Inspire everyone to be part of the company vision.

Communicating your company’s vision internally is crucial. If no one believes it inside your doors, communicating it outside your doors is hard. Great managers help their staff understand the vision and explain the roles that everyone plays in making it a success. People all want to help make a difference. From the junior staffer in accounting to the director of sales and all the way up to the chairman of the board, everyone plays a part. When people understand how they contribute to the company’s success, they feel a sense of encouragement, pride and ownership. It’s your job to communicate the vision and show everyone how they fit into the plan.

2. Create a culture that encourages.

People are not infallible and yes, we all make mistakes. Sadly, when people are afraid to challenge the norm, they often avoid taking chances altogether. This thinking can stymie creativity and growth. Being aware of risk is good. However, when staffers are afraid to step up and make a recommendation, this can result in a company unable to innovate and respond to changes. Good organizations remove the barriers of fear and encourage people to speak up. Instead of discouraging risk-taking, encourage new approaches and fresh thinking.

 3. If necessary, get into the trenches.

Employees admire bosses who aren’t afraid to share in the dirty work. If you are elbow-to-elbow with your staff, they will view you as a true leader instead of an “empty suit.” This can go a long way. If your staff is in the late-night throes of a difficult project, consider staying late to pitch in. This little gesture can really pay off.

 4. Everyone wants a little reward.

Employees who are inspired and excited are more prone to strive. As your staff flourishes, remember to say thank you.  This simple gesture can make them even happier at work. As a good manager, you should to do everything in your power to keep them inspired. Little notes, a small gift or even a sincere “thanks” can go a long way. Employee of the month awards might seem dated, but they show that you see good works and stand with your people. Regardless of the incentive, take time to inspire your employees by showing them that when credit is due, credit is given.