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Marketing Trends – How do you keep up?

The only thing that is constant is change” – Greek philosopher, Heraclitus

Is it worth keeping up with marketing trends? Three words come to mind: Innovate or die. In today’s hyper connected world of online reviews and social media, consumers hold more power over your brand than ever before. It’s crucial that brands remain vigilant for emerging trends. We recommend a combination of traditional and digital strategies to stay competitive and relevant.

Associations, Conferences and Trade Shows
Assessing how your competition goes to market is vital. The ability to walk a trade show and interact personally with competition is invaluable. To remain incognito, turn your trade show badge around or simply register as an independent attendee. Industry and marketing-specific conferences are an inspiring source for keeping current on emerging trends. Typically, the leading association in your field offers the highest educational value conference. For ongoing professional development and networking, consider joining marketing and trade associations.

Following competition on LinkedIn and Twitter is a stealthy way to keep on top of trends and new developments in your competitive set. Joining industry and marketing LinkedIn groups allows you to interface with your peers, gain knowledge and ask for advice and feedback.

Google Alerts
An excellent way to remain aware of your competition and trends is to set up Google Alerts. This cost-free tool sends email notifications whenever your competition shares content. There’s a good chance your competition is following you!

Marketing Trend Blogs
To keep up with trends and marketing best practices, it’s vital to read trade blogs. In addition to your industry, consider marketing content near and outside of your space. All too often, we as marketers suffer from industry tunnel vision. Gaining outside perspective often gives new inspiration to apply to your marketing challenges.

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