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Recharging Your Battery

Sometimes, all we seem to do is work. We work at the office. We work at home. Now that summer is upon us, many of us are looking forward to the true meaning of summer –vacation. Vacations allow each of us time to unplug and forget about the day-to-day challenges. We are allowed to escape the stresses of everyday life and float away for a bit of “rest and relaxation”.

Are vacations necessary? You bet they are. 

Vacations are a great way to clear your mind, get re-energized and hopefully be inspired again. If you don’t totally escape and commit to it, have you missed out? Perhaps. To help prepare for a proper getaway, below are a few simple tips to help become stress free.

Prepare to be away

Preparing your work family for your departure is key. Vacation cannot be thoroughly enjoyed if your thoughts are consumed with the pile of stuff you left on your desk.

Weeks before you leave, start making a list of tasks that need to be done before you escape. As you check things off your list, you get a feeling of confidence that you are not leaving any loose ends for others to deal with. Do things come up when you are away? Yes, but there is nothing you can do to stop that.

Cut the cord (i.e. stay away from your electronics)

Let’s see a show of hands… How many of us check our work email while we are out of the office? I’ll wait. Don’t be ashamed – an overwhelming number of us do. If you are one of many who check their email during vacation, you need to stop or at least minimize. It can be stressful.

To take advantage of your time away, you need to log out and stop thinking about work. Checking your email becomes a habit, not a necessity. Take a step away from the screen and enjoy your time. Giving yourself a break from electronics may make your vacation better than ever. Hey, your kids might even want to spend a little more time with you.

Have fun

Vacation is the perfect time to sneak away and spend time doing what you love. Whether it’s spending a week at Disney World, waterskiing on a beautiful lake, playing a round of golf at a PGA rated course or sitting on a beach chair staring down the shoreline, just relax and have fun. Do something that makes you happy. It’ll not only make your vacation that much better, but it will ensure that you return home with a fresh outlook.

Don’t be a cheapskate

Splurge a little. Do things you would not normally do. Enjoy a steak like the one you see the guy at the next table eating. Spend the money and charter a sailboat. Be a daredevil and try parasailing. Vacations are meant to enjoy. Let loose of the purse strings and splurge. You work hard and deserve something special. Doing new things and clearing your mind can be inspirational. To quote Nike, “just do it”!

Taking a staycation?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a “staycation”. A staycation can be the perfect opportunity to take time and recharge your batteries. It only works if you make a true effort to relax. Sit on your deck and watch the birds, but don’t think about work. Staycations can be great ways to reconnect with your family in a really meaningful way.

Enjoy yourself

Taking a break from work is necessary. Wherever you go or whatever you do, do it right. Sometimes all you just need a brief change of pace. Enjoy yourself and recharge those batteries. Remember, you really deserve it!