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Summer Media Tweaks

Is your media plan working as hard and smart as it could this summer?  While your 2017 media plan is likely well-mapped out, here are a few summertime considerations to potentially take advantage of:

Outdoor – Your customers are taking more time off and spending more time outside in the summer than in colder weather months. In addition to regular commuting, people are on the road more often, taking kids to camp and driving to their beach vacations. Summer is an ideal time to consider additional investments in outdoor advertising.

Radio – Whether terrestrial or streaming formats like Pandora and Spotify, radio usage typically experiences an uptick over the Summer months. If you’re looking to increase your frequency this summer, radio may be worth another look.

Cable – Of special importance to community-based institutions, a cross-channel cable buy can be an effective asset to build awareness and drive new customer traffic. With avails for cross-channel typically lower during summer months, now may be an ideal time to consider adding more cable inventory to your mix.

Mobile – According to Google, consumers are most likely to search online with their mobile devices in summer than in any other season. Depending on your marketing goals, summer may be the time to test and measure a location-based geo-fencing campaign. For community based organizations, new branch openings are excellent opportunities to employ this extension. Additionally, by ensuring your website and content assets are responsively designed and mobile-friendly, you’ll receive the most interaction and ROI from your online summer plan.

If you have any questions or would like more advice on making the most of your summer, call Channel Communications at 410-296-0697 or email