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Summer Reset

Summer is a time to recharge, reset and find inspiration. As marketers, many of us have been head down and laser-focused on executing our Q1 and Q2 initiatives. With the first half of the year nearly behind us, summer presents an opportunity to reflect on progress against plan and consider seasonal adjustments and extensions. With a potentially lighter summer workload, now is an ideal time to strengthen your team and seek out opportunities to build your brand.

Here are a few tips to help you and your team find inspiration and increase your momentum into the second half of the year:

Team building and Development

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” – Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group.

Marketing is rarely a 9 to 5 occupation. Your team has been committed to achieving their goals and continually goes the extra mile. Appreciated, engaged and inspired employees are more productive and easier to manage. In addition to the company-wide summer picnic or party you may have planned, why not consider a more intimate and valuable experience with your marketing team?  Here are a few ideas:

Get out of the office and get inspired 

Take advantage of the warmer weather and schedule a summer retreat day or half day. Opportunities for team building range from highly structured corporate team building companies to more informal options like obstacle courses, rafting trips, and volunteering to name a few. Pro Tip: focus on enjoying the day and connecting with your team. Discourage excessive “shop talk”.

Professional development

Employees increasingly rank professional development as an important factor in workplace satisfaction. Are there certain skills your team would like to master individually or as a group? With a potentially lighter workload, summer may be an ideal time to invest in your team and have them attend industry educational sessions, marketing specific workshops or even bring in a professional trainer to deep-dive on specific skills. Take care of your team and they will take care of you!

Community Involvement

Many of our Cause Marketing, Education, Financial Services and Healthcare clients are deeply committed to their communities. Being actively involved in your community deepens awareness, increases positive perception and allows your current and future consumers to become more personally engaged with your brand. If not in your strategic plan already, summer is a great time to sponsor and volunteer at community events. Arts festivals, cause-driven concerts and running races are all strong options to consider. In addition to at-event awareness, the opportunity to share your involvement across your content channels will exponentially deepen your community ties and build your brand this summer.