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Your Last Day on Earth

It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with: “Life is full of surprises.” No matter how much we plan for our future, life has a way of surprising us. So, why not live every day like it’s your last — with a sense of pride, joy, inspiration, and, ultimately, accomplishment? Or with a peaceful feeling that, no matter how small or large, you’ve already achieved something great with your life? 

It’s natural for us, as human beings, to lose sight of what truly inspires and brings us a sense of accomplishment daily. What inspires you? Is it your family? Your career? Your hopes and dreams? Perhaps a better question is: What’s holding you back in life?

I strongly believe that the answer often is fear of failure. Until you realize that even the worst scenario you can conjure up is rarely as bad or as tough as you fear, you are limiting your true potential. Remember: Failures come and go in life; it’s how you handle them that defines you.

In fact, setbacks often are the sparks that ignite your fire, giving you a drive and pride that lead to inspiration. Training your mind to understand and respond to this can have a positive effect in both your personal and professional life.

Personally, I’ve been working for and with marketing, advertising, media and print-related companies for many years now. I continue to seek work in these industries because, to put it simply, they fascinate me. The sheer detail from a design perspective, the re-energizing of brands, the creativity that sparks the next “big idea,” and the interactive phases between the client and agency that helps bring a vision to life are what motivate me.

Believe in yourself. Perseverance, a positive attitude, commitment and passion will take you to great heights. Do your dreaming in the present, act now and feel like you have truly lived throughout your journey in life.