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Pride Can Inspire a City

Do you bleed purple?  With a 3-0 start to the season, The Baltimore Ravens can reignite a fan base that was left down and out at the end of last year’s disastrous season.

Meanwhile, across the street, the Orioles are fighting hard to be a Wild Card contender after one of their best seasons in a long while.

Get the Juices Flowing

travelling inspires

If you have to think for a living, being inspired can be a problem.  Ad agency executives, creative people, writers, business owners, architects, cyber-security experts – anyone dealing with information needs to be inspired to succeed, to innovate, to come up with compelling ideas and solve problems in order to get better at their profession and as a human being.

Sporting Events Inspire

Three-pointers, home runs, goals all bring a crowd to their feet because inspiration finds a natural home at sporting events. Athleticism stretches the bounds of the ordinary to become extraordinary, and it’s in those moments when humans can seem to attain Olympian status.

4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Inspired

There are managers out there who truly believe employees just love coming to work. Are they right? Yes and no. According to a 2013 Gallup study, only about 30% of American workers are engaged and inspired with their careers and places of employment. Do they “love” coming to work? Well, the jury is still out on that. The bottom line, however, is that inspired people get more done. All employees want to be inspired and want to grow with great teams and organizations. Here are a few ways to keep your staff motivated and on the road to success.

Small Agency, Big Thinkers

If you’re reading this blog post, you might be a lone entrepreneur, a start-up, a go-getter or a small business. And you’re probably trying to figure out how you can round the first half of the year, then sprint into the second —  and into the black, culminating in an inspirational, year-end holiday bash.

Need a Little Inspiration?

quit your job

Who hasn’t thought about quitting their job, selling the house and moving to a tropical island?   Why is this such a compelling concept for so many of us?  Do we really think that by dropping out of everything, we will somehow achieve true happiness and become inspired to achieve our goals?  I don’t think so.


Why Are We More Creative in the Shower?

inspiration in the shower

It sometimes seems as though, for a brief moment, all stresses of life are being washed away while you stand in your shower. With the bathroom door locked, it’s your safe place: a place to think about nothing and everything at the same time. Your mind is at ease as your body feels the warm water cascading over it. Your thoughts start to wander aimlessly as the day ahead draws nearer, but you hold onto the warmth and solitude for just a bit longer. That may be when you have your “aha” moment. Racing out of the shower, you grab a towel, dry your hands, reach for your smartphone on the counter, and prepare an email that starts, “I have this idea for our campaign…”


3 Ways Inspiration Matters

1. Inspiration sparks creativity

Without inspiration you would have no creativity. No great advertising or design. No great anything. Inspiration is the spark that gives you a new lens of focus, allowing you to isolate insights that are striking and compelling, and to create more freely. Inspiration doesn’t come easy, and it isn’t automatic. And there is no formula. But below is a check list to help foster creative inspiration.


Inspiration – It’s bigger than me

Back in 1962, when JFK said we would go to the moon by the end of the decade, it was an audacious claim that inspired a generation — and spawned rivers of sweat and endless toil among scientists and engineers.


How to Channel Your Inspiration (Part One)

We all seek inspiration. Sometimes, it finds us. Inspiring people is a difficult art, but being inspired is relatively easy. That’s an interesting irony.

We’ve all attended seminars, professional conferences, personal retreats, workshops and the like. Inspiration is a cottage industry. We leave with goose bumps, vows and resolutions. But, what really happens? All too often we sink back into our daily efficiencies and the inspiration wears off.